Helios Lampsi - Large Dancing Pot

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Helios Lampsi - Sun Burst

One of a pair of forms that were turned from fresh cut sycamore, the tree was identified to have a damaged root system and due to its proximity to a pathway at the nature reserve it needed to be felled. Using main sections of the trunk, they were cut so that the grain orientation ran diagonally through the piece instead of the usual vertical or horizontal axis. As the timber dries the fibres warp shift and relax as bound moisture is released from the cells. If done correctly this contraction in the timber causes the form to lean and sway. The decay that had begun to develop in the tree at its roots had caused the heartwood of the timber to produce a flash or sun burst pattern visible from the cross cut, the forms were turned with this in mind so that this natural patterning could be best displayed. After being turned the pair were allowed to dry fully for several months before being sanded and finished with mineral oil and a coat of beeswax polish that I make from wax sourced in my own hives. This gives the pieces a subtle satin finish and leaves them enticing to the touch. Sycamore is a beautiful wood to work with, elastic and strong, while not native, its interesting that a sycamore can produce more biomass in a year than an English oak.

  • Height 16.5cm
  • Diameter 21cm

View the Dancing Hollow Form Vessel that makes up this Helios Lampsi pair.

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