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Chloe Harford

Chloe’s animal sculpture has been inspired by a love of animals and the local wildlife found on the land surrounding her workshop which is set in 6 acres of woodland on the banks of the river Tamar. Left untouched, the land has water meadows and ponds which has become a haven for the numerous wildlife in the area.

The Tamar Valley has a long mining history and the workshop itself stands close to one of these mines which is rich in minerals, some of which are used for the glazes and colour in Chloe’s pieces.

Chloe's beautiful pieces are created using a method called raku which literally means 'happiness through chance'. Sculptures are fired in the kiln at 950 degrees Celsius and the surface of the piece becomes carbonised before being washed in cold water. This rapid cooling causes the glaze to crack and the carbon is trapped in these cracks highlighting and enhancing them.

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  1. Small Polar Bear