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  • Contemporary art in the Cotswolds

  • OPEN TUE - SAT 10:30pm - 4:30pm

  • Art to collect, give and enjoy

Tamsin Levene

Tamsin is predominantly a wheel based potter but also uses the slip casting technique.  She uses a range of different coloured clays and glazes, as well as different firing techniques, to achieve the final results in her work  

She is particularly inspired by the natural world - landscapes and seasonal influences are apparent.  Her ceramics are used as a medium to move into the realm of Fine Art.  Like a painter striving to arrive at their own visual code selecting colour and brushstroke, she uses ceramics.  After endless selecting, arranging, rearranging and revisiting, she makes the bold choices which can be seen in her work.  Like the forces of nature and the elements... all its fleeting, endlessly changing, visual delights.

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