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Louise Saward

Louise Saward is primarily a watercolour artist. She completed her degree in Fine Art at University of Northumbria at Newcastle 2001. Currently based in West Yorkshire, she paints from her little attic studio as well as looking after her two children at home.

She has been awarded a number of different awards in the last few years. Most recently 2nd place for "New Life" art competition which was organised by Park Gallery.

She has also won The HollyBush Emerging Painter Prize 2019. Also awarded The Chaoshan Watercolour Award at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (RI) 209th Exhibition (2021) for the best classically inspired watercolour. She was also featured in Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2020. She also continues to exhibit in various exhibitions throughout the country.

When painting Louise tries to embrace the transparency of watercolour which she finds fantastic and at the same time very challenging for painting skin. It's something she intends to explore further in her future works. One of her main aims is to capture moments that will both engage, disturb, yet resonate with the viewer. She strives to leave a lasting impression. 

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