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Jules Wild

Jules WildFor the last 20 years Jules has worked as an award-winning wedding florist, gaining recognition throughout the Cotswolds for her loose and relaxed design style.

When her flower business came to an abrupt standstill because of the pandemic, she took the opportunity to return to her artistic roots and started creating again, purely as a means of escapism and play. The feedback was so positive after sharing some examples on Instagram that she had a painting studio built in her garden and now runs her art practice alongside her wedding flower business.

With an obvious love for colour and a passion for all things floral Jules’ mixed media work blends the beautifully romantic side of florals with found ephemera and graffiti references for a more contemporary, somewhat grittier, twist on the traditional still life. 

“I liken the process to flower arranging but with paper rather than flowers. By layering and painting, cutting and pasting my aim is to blend all these different elements and techniques together into a finished composition that is bold, totally unique and ultimately everlasting.”

Jules now sells her work through a variety of galleries, including Selfridges online and has exhibited at several major art fairs. Her exhibition at Spring Cheltenham is her first solo show.

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