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For Artists

We are always looking out for new and established talented artists to potentially join the family here at Park Gallery and would love to hear from you. One way for artists to establish themselves and to become more widely known or for their work to become more available to the public, is through gallery representation. It's not a surprise then that we receive a lot of requests for representation. As a result do cannot promise a place at Park Gallery, but we will certainly consider any applicant.

We regard our current artists as part of the family and seek to work together relationally, that's the joy of being an independent!

For any application, we require:

  • That you consistently produce high-quality, original artwork.
  • That you possess one or more distinct styles that is recognisable as your own work.
  • That you are not be represented by another gallery within a 40-mile radius of Montpellier, Cheltenham.
  • Whether or not the artwork subject and style complements and harmonises with our current offer.

What to supply:

  1. Your full name, address, and telephone number.
  2. A short biography with a photograph.
  3. A short paragraph of why you have chosen to contact Park Gallery.
  4. Between six to ten images of your recent work (file-size no bigger than 1mb each) that form a cohesive collection (include dimensions and your desired trade cost).
  5. Details of your website and professional social media accounts for our review.
  6. If applicable, a list of other galleries that currently represent you.