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Robert Goldsmith

Robert Goldsmith is based in Cheltenham and has been a professional artist and illustrator since 1980. He is best known for his exceptional watercolours, and is fascinated by the different light, shade and reflection that is conjured by changing weather conditions. His technique in watercolour paintings is ideally suited to the local subjects which inspire his work. His excellent draughtsmanship gives a sense of structure to his compositions, the freshness and luminosity which are characteristic of his style, giving familiar subjects a special vitality.

Robert's work has featured in exhibitions throughout the South West and in London. His paintings have been featured on a number of book covers and numerous magazines, he is also one of a select group of artists to be commissioned by the Post Office to create a series of commemorative stamps.

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  1. The Queens (Mounted Print)
  2. Promenade Reflections (Mounted Print)
  3. Suffolk Reflections (Mounted Print)
  4. Montpellier Reflections (Mounted Print)
  5. Neptune's Horses (Framed)
  6. Market Stalls, The Promenade, Cheltenham
  7. Landscape near Coberley, Cotswolds
  8. Neptune's Horses (Mounted Print)
  9. Sold
  10. Sold
  11. Montpellier Reflections (Framed)
  12. Autumn Market, The Promenade, Cheltenham
  13. Montpellier Wine Bar, Cheltenham