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Ken Bracher

Ken Bracher is a stained-glass artist and illustrator. He works from his studio in Devon where the countryside is just a five minute walk away and the Devon coast an hour by car. Ken’s interest in countryside and coastal walking can be seen in his illustrated stained-glass.

Formerly an architect and interior designer, early retirement has allowed Ken to focus on his current artistic passion for stained-glass. Colour, shapes, silhouettes, patterns and architectural details still excite and fuel his enthusiasm. Also an illustrator, Ken likes to create stained-glass ‘paintings’ – adopting traditional methods that have not changed for hundreds of years – yet adding a unique and contemporary design style. Every stained-glass item is made & painted by hand ... and Ken’s illustrations ensure that every piece of stained-glass is truly unique.

Many of Ken’s projects are undertaken as private commissions. A professional and dedicated client service is assured – delivering stained-glass art to celebrate important occasions, recall cherished memories ... and create a unique and personal legacy for future generations. Ken has also assembled a collection of non-bespoke stained-glass – available for sale to anyone who shares his interest in the joy of coloured glass.

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