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Katy Barnfield

Katy Barnfield is a Cheltenham based artist who started working with her unique medium of carbon fibre and resin at the age of 13. 

Annoying her Dad in the shed until he let her polish moulds and help with small projects, Katy gained the skills & experience to work on various kit car repairs, moulds & displays.

Katy has studied Art & Design, Graphic Design, 3D Design and Creative Digital Media at many levels including degree level. During her studies Katy developed huge respect for designers, urban artists and a passion for all things pop art.

Katy worked on combining the structure and laminating skills that her Dad had given her with the creative and experimental qualities developed while studying and created a unique process that allows her to produce artwork with carbon fibre & resin. There is nothing else like it, super high gloss finish, 3D like quality and completely original. 

Katy explains... “Everything is signed K8TB because without the years of experience passed on from Dad (Terry Barnfield) I wouldn’t be doing what I love.”

Katy’s work is heavily influenced by motor sport & has attracted the attention of McLaren's F1 driver Lando Norris, Lamborghini Edinburgh & social media influencer Lenny Urban of Urban Automotive who have all commissioned artwork.

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