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Eleanor Boorman

Born in Penbury Kent in 1972, Eleanor lives in Gloucestershire and has worked in London, Paris, New York and a Florence.  She studied under Charles Cecil for Italian Classical training, Florence and was tutored by John Ward, CBE, RA in portraiture and Sandra Blow, RA in abstract painting.   She is a double art scholar and has exhibited solo across the globe in New York and Europe. She was invited to exhibit with Prince Charles, Belgravia Gallery, London (2008) Sotheby’s (2011).

After over 25 years of working under commissioned work and Patronage, she has begun dedicating her work to healing with colour vibration.  ‘Science and Art have always been closely related and as holographic, energy and matter entities, we heal instantaneously through tailored sound and colour vibrations. It is incredibly powerful’.   Combined with words, that a client needs, loves or simply wants to manifest, a prayer or mantra is effortlessly reinforced in the home, business or recreational environment.

Da Vinci, Einstein and Jesus are three sources of inspiration, which can be traced in her work. ‘Three spirits of varying degrees of genius, all naturally based in their approach and enlightening brilliance with their unique work bringing non fathomable themes to near simple metaphor/symbol, emotion, word or action’. 

No commission is too small or large if integrity is the core value or there is a chance to ride a beautiful horse (Eleanor won at the Side Saddle Nationals). She has loved painting clients such as ‘Hans, of no fixed address to those considered at the apex of society. ‘As artists, one has no status stamp other than one’s work’.

Notable portraits:

Royal Commissions - members of the Royal Family, their dogs, Prince of Wales office (2004-8), Belgravia Gallery, London (solo and group exhibitions, 2004) National Arts Club, New York (solo exhibition, 2005) Studio exhibitions (2005-20)

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