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Charlie Spencer

Having spent over 15 years in Marketing, Surrey based artist Charlie took the opportunity to leave the corporate world behind him to become a full-time dad to his two young boys. Creative at heart, and intrigued by the story and journey behind each stamp, Charlie’s work celebrates the iconic image of Queen Elizabeth II through a series of pieces created with hundreds of used stamps – each one unique and battle-worn, with postage marks giving clues of their travels across the U.K.

Created with stamps spanning over 70 years – from the 1960’s to the 2020’s – each artwork is a unique one-off.

  • The accumulated distance each artwork has travelled – is equivalent to five times the circumference of the world.
  • The iconic ‘Machin’ image of Queen Elizabeth II is the most reproduced image in the world and has been reproduced over 300 billion times.

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