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Tracey Elphick

Tracey studied fine art at Falmouth Art School of Art and went on to become Head of Art at Kingshill School. She now works as a full time professional artist from her studio at the New Brewery Arts in Cirencester. Her work is varied, portraying local street scenes, seascapes, harbour views and still life in both acrylic and oils.

In her Landscape work she chooses subjects that are familiar to her and hold a great deal of visual excitement.

Tracey loves to experiment with use of collage, mixed media and spontaneous mark making processes. Spraying, splashing, sponging and sgraffito are some of the methods she uses in order to capture a sense of movement and harmony.

Her ‘Still Life in Oils’ series are painted ‘alle prema’ and wet into wet. Subjects include metallic vessels, ceramics, and glassware, combined with fruit and flora, all painted directly from life. Composition is all important to Tracey as is the negative space between the objects. Lines of interest enter and leave the painted surface to give a feeling of freshness and the colour is a balance of subtle monochrome greys and vibrant pops of brightness. Tracey loves painting these pieces, an intense few hours of concentration with quick loose brushstrokes.

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