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Nikki Williams

Nikki, who lives and works in Shropshire, has been a glass artist for over 23 years and is as captivated by this supercooled liquid as the day she embarked her degree in Glass and Sculpture at the University of Wolverhampton in 1998.

Besides her university education she has also attended Pilchuck Glass School Seattle and the International Glass Centre Brierly Hill. She has also exhibited in the UK, Germany, New York.

“My focus is predominantly on my sculptural work. I love to juxtapose organic form with abrupt geometric edges to transform a piece as it is observed from many perspectives. Pure colour, open space and a play of light, something hidden inside, or a visceral response aim to tempt the viewer”

Scale and impact are achieved in some works using several elements to form interesting groups particularly when paired with contrasting materials or texture.

“I admire the striking colour of 20th century abstract painters such as Howard Hodgkin, the marks and brushstrokes depicting memories or emotion. Architects Luis Barragán’s powerful use of colour, texture and open spaces of light. The angles, curves and ripples of Frank Gehry’s buildings that create feeling and defy the conventional. Such influences along with my personal response to material and place all contributes to inform and inspire my work.” “I revel in the journey and the destination.”

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