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  • Contemporary art in the Cotswolds

  • OPEN TUE - SAT 10:30pm - 4:30pm

  • Art to collect, give and enjoy

Jaunty Lemon Press

Adrian Pack, a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer for the past 20 years, set up Jaunty Lemon Press in Cheltenham as a home for his architectural pieces.

Having previously studied Fine Art & Music at Manchester Metropolitan University and driven primarily by a lifelong passion for architecture, he seeks to create fine elevations of the many and varied wonderful buildings and landmarks all around us, particularly the stunning architecture of Regency Cheltenham and the wider Cotswolds.

Each limited edition giclée print is signed by Adrian and lovingly illustrated with the care and fine draughtsmanship of vintage architectural drawings celebrating the interplay of light, form, colour and history that comprises the backdrop to our lives - the scenery to our play.

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