Maria Van-Tintelen

Having grown up in a village in Wiltshire where I was surrounded by beautiful landscape, I believe has, over the years, strongly influenced the way in which I work; something I hadn’t fully appreciated until later in my life. As a small child I spent endless hours creating things out of anything I could find, it was my safe place and remains so to this day. Now, with the family grown up, I have rediscovered the joy of creating and have once again picked up my paintbrush.

I am an intuitive painter; every painting is a discovery. Working spontaneously, I allow each canvas to emerge as I paint yet, surprisingly, key to this approach is the preparation. Music is at the heart of this time, a period during which I allow my spirit to settle and be still; it also plays an integral part in the creation of each painting. I love vibrant colours and many layers are often evident in my work, creating depth which draws the eye. I use a variety of tools for mark making and very often add some form of texture. The colour gold is quite evident in much of my work; in fact it has become my signature.

Creating paintings with meaning and purpose is the essence of my work, whether it be a landscape or abstract, connecting to who we are through our life experiences, be they good or bad. I’m a firm believer that nothing in life is wasted and my desire is that my work speaks beyond intellect, reaching out to touch the very heart and soul of our being.

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