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Fiona Parkinson

Fiona has been an artist all her life and developed her unique techniques whilst spending most of her time in the preservation and science departments completing her degree and masters in Fine Art in 2015. Since beginning to share her work in the past 4-5 years Fiona has begun to gain an international following. She has won competitions, exhibited in galleries and gained collectors around the world and was also fortunate enough to be featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not 2022 annual!

"I would hesitate to describe my work as taxidermy or entomology where the artist is attempting to present a specimen in its natural state, for me the specimens are more akin to a most precious emotional paint that evokes a natural response."

Fiona lives and creates her artwork from her studio and house in Bidford. She shares it with her daughter, her husband Jon, his son, Autumn and Banksy (the dogs) and anywhere between 5 and 1000 insects from across the world, depending on when you ask!

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