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Adrian Bates

Adrian Bates

At the turn of the millennium, Adrian Bates developed an interest in working with clay after attending an evening class. Prior to this, he had spent 20 years in the graphics industry, but felt disenchanted by the lack of self-expression and creative freedom.

In 2002, Adrian experienced health issues, which led to a five-year period where he was unable to work. As his health gradually improved, Adrian found a new calling in teaching, eventually taking up a craft tutor position. Adrian embraced various crafts, including woodwork, forging, copper beating, silver smithing, and pottery. Over the next five years, he thoroughly enjoyed nurturing and guiding students.

As his teaching years came to a close, Adrian had an epiphany - he longed to pursue his passion for craftsmanship on a full-time basis. In 2012, he made the bold decision to become a full-time maker, a choice that felt undeniably right. The past decade brought a mix of exhilarating challenges and tremendous rewards to Adrian's life. And now, Park Gallery is proud to have him as part of our creative family. We very much look forward to sharing his beautiful work with you.

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