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  • Contemporary art in the Cotswolds

  • OPEN TUE - SAT 10:30pm - 4:30pm

  • Art to collect, give and enjoy

Nicky Chubb

Nicky Chubb originally trained as a designer (BA hons Fashion, Central St Martins 1993) and the influence of her love of textiles can be seen in her use of colour, texture and pattern.

Nicky's work is essentially optimistic and the emotions she aims to evoke are hope and happiness. The trees and big skies of the countryside around her home, and the sense of time and belonging that watching them through the seasons brings, are a huge inspiration to her as she tries to capture a sense of air and movement as she paints.

Nicky's paintings are in mixed media, either quick, gestural drawings or multi-layered combinations of ink, paint, collage and resin. 

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