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Introducing Martin Leighton

Introducing Martin Leighton

We are delighted to welcome Martin Leighton to the ranks of the Park Gallery home team.

Martin has been a professional artist since 2003 and lives on the south coast of Dorset.  He paints in the medium of oils on canvas in a diverse selection of subjects but his passion is figurative & portraiture studies. 

Martin loves the challenge of translating the sensuality of the female form and the ever fleeting moment of mood and atmosphere, transposing the emotions and femininity to canvas.  His paintings are evocative and thought provoking enabling the beauty and sensuality of women to be shown rather than their sexuality.  Martin touches on the poignancy of personal moments and the inter-relationships that occur when using live models.  Skin tones are challenging and his work is realistic yet not photographic. 

Natural light is an important factor in Martin's work and as he lives on the south coast there are many opportunities to study light changes throughout the day as nature provides an abundance of images for the artist’s eye to perceive.

Martin has sold his work worldwide and we are delighted to announce the arrival of his brand new collection of paintings.