I Love You

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About the Artwork

  • Oil on Canvas 
  • 131cm x 163cm Oil on Linen Canvas

‘I Love You’, (oil on canvas). A theme of love from an Italian, classical origin.  Below is bright translucent pink: A Chinese colour vibration for optimal/great health. The pale pink as the most universally soothing colour for stress. The large rectangle at the top of the strata relates to a ‘Lockian slate’ for the mind, where it is perfectly untarnished and open to newness of life and ideas. The pale green, again relaxing and a component of nature. The technical aspects of the painting are complex using layered combinations of impasto and 2 & 3 colour mixes of matt and transparent oils for uniqueness and original colour. It is a gift of unconditional love. The approach always serious, with integrity and scholarly research and experience, not frivolous or surface delusional in nature.  Daily, overtime this painting is designed to comfort, love, and open the heart.  Three vital components for successful living.


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