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Ignis - Spalted Beech Vase Form

  • £395

Ignis - fire, brightness

This beautiful piece of wood was sourced from a beech tree on the ridgeway in Goring at the nature reserve Pete manages. When beech wood, in particular, is left on the ground to season out in the elements it naturally starts to develop obvious mycological activity, the intricate line patterns seen covering the form are the result of competing fungal hyphae coursing through the timber and laying down boundaries to defend the territory they occupy. Xylaria polymorpha and Trametes versicolor are active within this timber and as they consume the nutrients within the wood they bleach the wood in their wake.

This large end grain branch section of beech was 6 months in the making. Pete started turning it in June 2021. After using part of the branch for a smaller vessel the spalting just called out to me to turn a much larger piece which really amplified the complexity of the natural patterning. The concept form was sketched up and the timber was mounted to the lathe. Due to the size, weight and off balanced nature of the piece it had to be turned very slowly at first, then after the exterior was formed the hollowing could begin. To date this is one of the deepest pieces Pete has hollowed, all of which is done with a very small hollowing blade on a very long handle. Once the majority of the wood had been removed the piece was wrapped carefully and allowed to slow dry for an extended period. Once dry it could be returned to the lathe for sanding and finishing. This piece received several coats of clear lacquer so as not to dull the bleached zones in the timber. Once finished the aesthetic reminded me of rising smoke eminating from a newly lit fire. The rich wooden tones contrasting the white; all interlaced and almost set in motion by the chaotic rise and fall of melanistic plates.

  • Height 33.5cm
  • Diameter 17cm (base)

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