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Oumoamoa - Scout

  • £220

Do you remember back at the end of 2017 when Oumoamoa passed through our solar system? This interstellar object moved through our little patch of space at a phenomenal speed, was almost unseen and headed out into the cosmos quicker than it arrived. It was an unusual shape, it changed course relative to predictions and it accelerated away without any obvious outgassing. It showed up, behaved oddly and then went. A lot of study was focused on it while it was here and a lot of scientific speculation has been put on it since it left. If you’re reading this I recommend researching into it yourself, fascinating whatever way you look at it.

Its been a while since Oumoamoa has come and gone, and to my knowledge there is still no clear explanation as to what the first ever interstellar object recorded was, there are many hypothesis about it being a natural, mechanical even biological and everything in between.

The Oumoamoa series of pieces were inspired by this overlap in theories. As a conservationist I spend most of my time with my eyes looking to the ground rather than the stars and a lot of my work echoes that; but with this spark of inspiration I wanted to create something that shared aesthetics of natural, biological and mechanical  formation and structure. Each piece dabbles with the idea in new ways and no two are the same.

  • Height 3cm
  • Diameter 27cm

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