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Limited edition bronze 1 of 12


18.5" tall (47cm)

Others sculptures in the series:

‘Beneath the waves‘ series

From Keziah:

"The whole underwater ‘beneath the waves‘ series came out of the lockdown period when all I wanted to do was escape the bubble into the open water. Swimming has always been where I find solace. It is where I find a stillness in my brain and relief for the pain in my body. Cold water, river, lake or wild water I don’t care! So long as I can submerge into the waves.

I had seen the ST Ives mermaid Laura Evans and her underwater photoshoots. 

I created one piece ‘entwined’ depicting Laura and her friend in an underwater embrace. I loved it so much it naturally lead on to my creating a further five in the series. Single or two figures together the work explores the similarities between being swept away by strong emotions or by strong currents. They are intimate and vulnerable, and incredibly tactile. I love playing with the precariousness of the balanced figures, for me it evokes a deep understanding of our human yearning to belong to someone or somewhere. 

I know I belong in the water x"

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