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More stunning originals from David Cope

More stunning originals from David Cope

David Cope has just delivered a brand new collection of six of his stunning original paintings.

David Cope is inspired by the desire to paint different breeds of cattle and sheep predominantly, in contemporary colourful ways from his base in Herefordshire.

"I love texture and breaking down the images I photograph into many layers of paint to achieve a unique style and blend of colours to represent my woolly beasts."

David is a self taught artist and took up painting just over seven years ago after an illness. Art became his therapy, his friend and indeed his future.

David works largely in acrylics but does use oils on occasions. Fingers, brushes and palette knives are used to create his overall effect.

"I aim to inspire the viewer with a different approach, hoping they feel the energy I have put into creating each painting. The pleasure I have gained in creating my images will hopefully ripple through to be felt and enjoyed."

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