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Daisy Clayton

Daisy Clayton is a young, largely self taught contemporary artist from Oxfordshire. Before pursuing her art professionally in 2019, she graduated from Queen Mary University London with a Masters Degree in psychology. Using her background in psychology, Daisy built upon her previous skills as a painter by focusing her interest on how a painting can make someone feel and the emotive impact it may have.

Daisy paints with acrylics to depict a balance of calming tones and contrasting colours. Generally interpreting significant places, she uses texture and gold leaf to create depth, capturing the viewer by evoking memories, emotions and unique interpretation. Her work is inspired by places that she visits, memories and certain textures that she sees. Daisy's paintings feature on the Artistic Impressions page of Conde Nast's design and decoration magazine The World of Interiors September and October 2020 issues. 

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