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  • Contemporary art in the Cotswolds

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Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is a full-time artist based in Gloucestershire, though formerly from East Sussex.

Emily has always had a deep interest in science and the natural world, leading her to a degree in Equine Science and subsequently this fascination fuels her artwork today, drawing upon her knowledge of the anatomy and inner workings of her subjects.

Originally self-taught, she has developed her talent by attending the Cheltenham School of Fine Art to achieve the skill in oil paints that is now evident in her work.

Although having the ability to reproduce her subjects to a near photographic level, she enjoys more the challenge of describing form with as few strokes of the brush as possible. “I like the viewers to first be drawn to the highly detailed elements, but then taken on a journey throughout the piece, appreciating the looser brushstrokes that create the drama and tell the story of the piece”

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