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Tulip - Live Edge Tulip Poplar Bowl

  • £125

This subtle little bowl was created from a log Pete received as a gift. A dear friend of his wanted a hand with a bit of wood working and in return gave him a good chunk of Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera). He had received the piece of wood originally from another friend, the tree grew in Cornwall and was sadly blown down in a storm back in 2010, by the time it ended up with Pete it was well and truly seasoned.

Tulip poplar is a tree native to North America and is the tallest east coast hardwood, with a creamy white timber and pale green hardwood its light but dense grain makes it a joy to work with, aged trees develop a characterful undulating exterior adorned with burrs, folds, and branches, this lends it to producing beautiful live edge pieces that rise and fall drawing the eye from one feature to the next. Live edge pieces can be somewhat challenging to produce as you find yourself cutting air as the wood spins, the sanding needed to be done by hand off the lathe to save knuckles being bruised! After sanding it was given several coats of a lacquer finish.

  • Height 9cm
  • Diameter 14cm

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