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Joanna Martins

Joanna Martins was born in Salcombe, Devon. Most of her childhood was spent following her father, a pilot in the Royal Navy, on his overseas postings. These experiences left a lifelong impression on her and an urge to travel and explore.

After gaining a degree in Geology she spent twelve years working in the mining camps of Northern Ontario. Her time as a geologist in Canada and the eight years she spent travelling and working in Africa, have profoundly influenced her outlook on life. Camping in the rainforest and living with the diverse people of the Congo in search of tribal art were amongst the most enriching of her life.

Now settled back in Devon, Joanna works in cold cast bronze, ceramic, concrete, wood and mixed media. The original models for the cold cast bronze pieces are built up in chavant clay from which a mould is taken to cast the finished work.

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